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Due to an excellent combination of properties, fluoropolymers are used in many fields, ranging from our daily lives to genuine high-tech applications.

Whenever you are faced with special conditions and requirements - like high temperatures, corrosive solvents, chemically aggressive lubricants - fluoropolymers are your material of choice.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of applications for fluoropolymers and fluorochemicals remain to be discovered.

Ftoran GmbH & Co KG holds a unique position as the sole supplier of a large number of sophisticated fluorine containing chemicals for special applications, such as cure-site monomers, monomers for cross-linked heat- and chemoresistant thermoplastics and elastomers, which are used for producing sealings, gaskets, and O-rings.

The range of Ftoran products also includes other monomers and polymers for fiber-optical items, protective coatings, gas-separating and ion-exchange membranes ……and a vast number of other applications.

If you need to significantly improve elasticity of a polymer at low temperature, or, if you have to modify the molecular weight of a polymer, if you are looking for an effective surfactant, a curing agent for fluoropolymers, an oil dope, and other additives - welcome to Ftoran!

Likewise, you may choose from Ftoran's wide range of ready-for-use specialty fluoropolymers and derived products like adhesives, coatings, and many others……

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