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We help you achieve breakthrough into new fields of high tech with your products, enabling you to create new fluoropolymers and use them to enhance your competitiveness in a more and more demanding global market.

With our company Ftoran, located in Southern Germany, we represent our colleagues at Anles Ltd., Saint Petersburg, a Russian manufacturer, which evolved 10 years ago from one of the leading developers and producers of organic fluorine products (monomers and polymers) in the former Soviet Union. Prominent specialists from highly-reputed research institutes have since joined Anles.
The company specializes in the development and production of fluorine-containing monomers, semi-products and specialty additives for the synthesis of fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics, fluorinated oils etc.
Anles develop and produce their own fluoropolymers, among them such unique problem-solvers as adhesives and coatings, for a vast number of applications.

• fluoromonomers for your synthesis of new polymers

• fluoropolymers both standard and tailor-made to your needs

• low molecular weight fluoroelastomers with functional groups

• fluorinated oils and additives

Ftoran offers consultation services on the


of organic fluorine compounds, including monomers, preparation of fluorocarbon plastics and elastomers derived from these products, in particular fluorocarbon polymers with cure sites, their curing processes and cured elastomers.